Dating guys with cars

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More than a third of ladies think “exotic” wheels mean a guy is compensating for something. As a woman, my primary interest is that a man’s car goes forward. Given this new information, I can only imagine a nation full of upstanding young men looking to offload their Porsches and Audis and BMWs as fast as possible.

Girls , we know that come summer time a lot of you love to go to car shows and meets! Now if ever you meet a car guy and you find him to your liking, these are seven things that you MUST know before you think of dating a car guy.

With out that, there is no enjoying the show just yet! The Man Cave When a man has pride in his ride , he will show it!

expect to see a room in your house change from its original usage to becoming the “man cave” and/or car part storage room.

), women would actually prefer you not drive a fancy car.

Apparently, the majority of women “associate fancy cars with negative character traits” — they’re arrogant show-offs, women say, and also probably insecure. These findings are consistent with my long-held belief that cars are boring and I do not care about them. In a perfect world, it is also up to contemporary safety standards and has both working seat belts and working airbags, but really, I’m not picky. The survey suggests that only a fifth of ladies have ever been actively attracted to a dude because of his wheels, which means that your fancy car is far, far more likely to be a liability than to get you laid.

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Based on the results of a Harris poll commissioned by dating site Anastasia Date (find your lost Russian tsarina today!

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If she's got one and you don't and you both live somewhere cars are necessary - then she's driving. Just as if you had one and she didn't in that situation you'd have to do all the driving. If you both live in a metro area where a car isn't needed (and in some cases can be more of a hassle than mass transit is) then it doesn't matter. If I can be somewhere in 15 minutes and it will take a date two hours to get there (or will cost a lot for a cab) then that can be a problem for the guy.

Weather, money and distance all factor into the convenience of it.

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