Facebook profile updating

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And once you understand how Facebook's core features operate, you should find Facebook a livelier, friendlier place.(If you're already familiar with the core features outlined below, you might want to skip to our step-by-step Facebook Tutorial.) The heart and soul of Facebook lie in seven core features: The key is to understand what you are looking at when you view your homepage and your profile/Timeline pages.Skip to: This is what your driver sees when picking you up.

Posts from restricted Facebook pages can’t be displayed as they have an age or location restriction on them which prevent them from being publicly accessible via Facebook’s API.

But it's also easy to look at this cynically, since the most visible profile changes to spread across Facebook are done in support of causes, like to celebrate the Supreme Court's marriage ruling in June.

If people were to put up rainbow-coated pictures using this temporary photo feature, there'd certainly be a lot less of them still around today.

Need-to-know basics include figuring out where your messages show up for others and determining who can see which parts of your Facebook activity.

Facebook modifies its toolkit fairly often, but most core functions persist.

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