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Frank "Bomp" Bompensiero (October 29, 1905 – February 10, 1977) was a Mafia hitman and longtime Caporegime in the Los Angeles crime family.

In 1956, with the death of boss Jack Dragna, Bompensiero was demoted to the rank of soldier by the new boss, Frank De Simone.

As a child, he attended Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Milwaukee but dropped out after the third grade.

Christmas Grace tells the story of two rival toy store owners competing for business over several Christmas seasons.

One of them is Gary, a young toy store owner who runs an honest business and who tries to be a good Christian witness to his customers.

Since his most immediate competition happens to be Gary’s store, he sets his target on him.

As the story unfolds it becomes very clear that God is at work in the lives of these two men, and Gods Grace and Providence work out in ways neither of them could of imagined.

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